Help – Adding a new Gallery

To add a new gallery:

  1. From your dashboard click on Unite Gallery > Galleries
  2. Create ‘New Gallery’, click on ‘Tiles-Columns‘ layout.
  3. Choose a Gallery Title, and Gallery Alias. This is just for identification so if your gallery is called ISTA Conference 2017, your alias could be ista_conference_2017 (all lower case with no spaces), this won’t be seen by anyone. Leave Item Category as [Add New Category].
  4. Your gallery will now be automatically saved and the next page that appears is your ‘Settings’ page. Ignore all here. You just want to go into the next tab ‘Items’ and add your pictures.
  5. Click on ‘Items’ tab, Add Images. Click on ‘Upload Files’ (to put new images into your Media library)
  6. Once you are finished adding images, go back to settings and click on ‘Update Gallery’. Then copy the ‘Gallery Shortcode’. You are now finished with the Unite Gallery plugin. Next step is to Create a new post and insert your shortcode so the gallery shows up.

  7. Click on ‘Posts’> ‘Add New’. Create your gallery title and paste your shortcode into the edit section.
  8. Tick Galleries under Category (on the right hand side), then click ‘Publish’. You have now created your new gallery which will automatically appear at the top of your gallery listing.