Virtual Physics Laboratory Resources

The following are links to experiments that you can send to your students. Each will download the zipped files needed to run the simulation. Each will run on the student’s device for 7 days. John Nunn of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and  the creator of the Virtual Physics Laboratory, has kindly given the ISTA permission, to place these files on our website. Paul Nugent of the Institute of Physics (IOP) is currently running webinars for several ISTA branches throughout the country, on how to use these experiments  with your students and how to acquire the full set of resources offered by the Virtual Physics Laboratory. Attendance at this webinar is a prerequisite for obtaining the full set and receiving the updated list for students.
VPLab operates on Windows devices for use on Apple Mac or Linux use a Windows emulator.

Boyles Charles vle
Charging and Discharging of Capacitors vle
Cicuits vle
Collisions vle zipped (2D Collisions)
Diffraction Grating vle (EASY)
Double Slit vle zipped (MORE DIFFICULT)
EMF and Internal Resistance vle zipped
Energy Levels vle
Explaining Electricity vle
Eye vle
Force and Momentum vle zipped”
Geiger Muller Tube
Generator vle
Grating Measurement vle (MORE DIFFICULT)
Gravity vle
Half Life
Hookes Law vle
Latent Heat vle zipped
Lenses vle
Light Quanta vle
Microwaves vle (MORE DIFFICULT)
Momentum vle (1D collisions)
Moon Phases
Photoelectric Effect vle
Pipes vle
Planck Constant OCD Practical
Potential Divider
Power vle
Projectiles vle
Radioactivity Inverse Square vle
Radiotherapy vle
Random (radiactivity)
Resistivity vle zipped
Resonant Tube vle
Roller Coaster vle
Search Coil vle zipped
Single Slit Diffraction vle
Sound Experiments
Speed of Sound vle zipped
Springs vle
Stationary Wave vle (EASY)
Thermistor vle
Thermistors Calibration vle zipped
Transformer vle
Velocity from Doppler
Vibrating Strings vle zipped
Viscosity vle zipped
Wave Interference vle
Wavelength by Diffraction vle zipped
Work vle
X Rays vle
Youngs Modulus vle zipped
Youngs Slits vle (EASY)