E-Learning from Nature

The E-Learning from Nature project is funded by the European Commission and the Italian National Agency for the Erasmus+ Programme with the aims of:

  • Promoting a proactive students’ approach to scientific subjects learning
  • Propose innovative teaching methodologies to scientific teachers

This web site gives access to:

  • Database of local areas relevant for the study of scientific subjects
  • E-learning lessons related to the local areas
  • A teachers guide aiming at:
  • Proposing teaching methodologies based on real life case scenarios.
  • Enhancing students’ scientific basic skills acquisition through their active involvement in the learning process.
  • Making use of new technologies to promote the scientific knowledge
  • Promote transnational cooperation for scientific knowledge in school education.

To get the username and password for the web site contact the Irish national coordinator: Email: Marie.Walsh@lit.ie

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