I’m a Scientist, Get Me Out of Here!

Members might be interested in getting involved in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here! next academic year. This great programme connects students with working scientists and support them to see science as something “for them”. The activity supports your students’ science capital, showing them how their classroom learning relates to real-world careers. The text-based platform gives every student an equal voice, from the most confident to the most shy.

Take part with your students: https://imascientist.ie/signup/t

During the activity, students: 

  • Learn about scientists through their profiles, including their CVs

  • Connect with a diverse range of scientists in 30-minute, text-based, online Chats

  • Deepen their understanding and continue engaging with the scientists by sending follow-up questions

  • Decide which scientist deserves the €500 winner’s prize

  • Review their learning through a facilitated discussion

“They can give free-responses and ask anything they are interested in. I think they enjoy the autonomy. They also feel privileged to be able to chat directly with people they view as ‘important’!!!” Zoe, Teacher

By registering, you get automatic access to I’m an Engineer and I’m a Mathematician too. Matching enrichment to your students’ current learning couldn’t be easier – choose any theme that suits you to invite relevant scientists to a Chat, on demand, year-round.

Sign up to book a Chat: https://imascientist.ie/signup/t

Any questions, contact us at support@imascientist.ie or call +44 1225 667922.

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