John Hooper Statistical Poster Competition

Registration is now open for one of Ireland’s most respected and prestigious schools competitions.

The John Hooper Statistical Poster Competition provides teachers and schools with an outstanding opportunity to showcase students’ data, analytical and interpretation skills.

The competition evaluates students’ abilities to identify a real-world issue within their environment and with the help of statistics to describe, analyse and interpret their findings in written and graphical form on a poster.

This competition has become one of the most popular schools competitions for both students and teachers alike.

Participation in the competition will encourage students:

  • to use analytical and graphical skills
  • to investigate real questions using data
  • to interpret statistical results
  • to develop skills in written communication, and
  • to work in a team

Winning schools will benefit from:

  • National media exposure.
  • Cash prizes for winning schools.
  • The opportunity for the winning students to represent Ireland in an international competition.

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