Lab Days in Physics

The Lab-Days aim to help with the management of practical work. They are designed to be particularly useful to anybody new to the teaching of Leaving Cert Physics, whether that is because they are in the early years of their teaching career or because they find themselves with a Physics class after many years of teaching other subjects.

The days involve a look at a wide range of practical demonstrations that can help students understand more fully the material on the syllabus, as well as an in-depth look at all of the LC Mandatory Experiments. Offering an opportunity to talk about the various ways those experiments can be carried out and a chance to figure out how to best manage that practical work in your own school setting.

Also included will be a one-hour introductory session on the use of the Virtual Physics Lab 19, an online suite of 448 simulations and experiments that can enhance practical work. Attendees will receive a free VPLab 19 license.

These days have limited spaces available, and they often fill up quickly, so book early!

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