Policy on Irish-medium education outside of the Gaeltacht – survey for STEM teachers

The Department of Education is currently undertaking a public consultation to inform the development of a new policy for Irish-medium education outside of the Gaeltacht.

To ensure that the views of teachers of STEM subjects in post-primary schools (both Irish-medium and English-medium) are fully represented in this process, they would like to ask for your assistance in sharing information about the consultation with the teachers in your networks.

The Department of Education has launched a consultation process to inform the development of a new policy for Irish-medium education outside of the Gaeltacht. We would like to urge members,
in both Irish-medium and English-medium schools, to share their views by completing the questionnaire or by making a written submission. Please note, the final date to complete the questionnaire and to share written submissions is Monday, 16th January 2023. To have your say, or to find out more, go to gov.ie/POLG

Written submissions can also be sent to POLG@education.gov.ie before Monday, 16th January 2023, which is also the final date for submission of questionnaire responses.

Further information, and a link to the questionnaire, is available on the following website:

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