Teacher to develop TY lesson plans for Sunspotter.org

The Sunspotter.org team at Trinity College Dublin are looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic teacher to develop lesson plans for transition year students based around Sunspotter.org. The teacher will lead the development of the lesson plans and produce a workbook and description of the lessons by the end of the project period.

Sunspotter.org is an citizen science project that was recently launched internationally. Members of the public work as part of a global team to better understand sunspot and solar storm phenomena and their impacts on Earth. They do this by ‘rating’ the relative complexity of each sunspot image they see on the Sunspotter website, based on its size, shape and arrangement of ‘magnetic blobs’. You can read more about the project at http://phys.org/news/2014-06-astrophysicists-sunspots.html.

The teacher will be paid EUR 500 per week for 6 weeks. Please send a CV and cover letter to peter.gallagher@tcd.ie by July 9th detailing why you are interested in the project and how your experience is suited to the project. Start date is as soon as possible. The teacher will be based in the Solar Physics Group at Trinity College Dublin.

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