Transform Your Classroom with Eric Mazur & Perusall

Prof Eric Mazur, a physicist and educator at Harvard University, and an entrepreneur in technology start-ups, attended our annual conference in 2016. Transform Your Classroom with Perusall will take place online Saturday 21st November 11am-12pm EST 4-5pm GMT

In typical flipped classroom fashion you are encouraged to view the video and join Perusall in advance this will allow more time for Q&A and discussion on Saturday.

About the Workshop

Learning is a social experience — it requires interactions and interactivity. The coronavirus pandemic has been a good opportunity to rethink our approach to teaching. Moving some tasks to an online format suggests that many activities that have traditionally been synchronous and instructor-paced, can be made asynchronous and self-paced. Through Perusall, Eric Mazur will demonstrate how to move information transfer and sense-making online and make it interactive, promoting social interactions between students. In addition, he will discuss how the platform promotes intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to improve student performance.

The workshop deviates from the standard talk format. In order to make best use of our time together on Nov 21, please take 20 minutes to complete a short pre-workshop assignment to get started in Perusall before we meet.

  1. To get started, make an account on Perusall and join the PoLS-T Network “course” using the course code MAZUR-8JESKThis video contains instructions on how to make an account on Perusall, but be sure to use the course code above, not the one given in the video. (If you already have an account, just log in to your account and enroll in the course.
  2. Once you have joined the course in Perusall, please complete the brief 2-part assignment for Nov 21.

Note: This workshop will not be recorded.

To register for the live workshop on Nov 21 and to obtain the Zoom link, please register via this link:

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