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March’s Classroom Physics focuses on the seasons. There are many misconceptions in this topic, so our pull-out is full of activities designed to help build students’ understanding of how the seasons actually come about. THE GREAT SCIENCE TEACHING SURVEY
Fill in the new annual IOP-RSC-RSB survey to help us build a detailed picture of secondary science teaching. How many specialist physics teachers are there? How confident are others with teaching physics? And is there enough technician support? IOP SUPPORT: pillars of the community
Our new approach centres on ensuring no student feels excluded from physics with all students accessing a world-class education. TikTok is one new route we’re using – Charles Tracy explains what else we’re doing.
EARLY CAREER: CPD video library
Our new library of short videos focuses on physics pedagogy and practical suggestions. Brilliant for new teachers, especially after their disrupted introduction to the classroom during repeated lockdowns.CAREERS WEEK: a meteorologist speaks
Emily Gleeson talks about her route to becoming a research meteorologist with the Irish Meteorological Service, Met Éireann. Order our new careers booklets via campaign@iop.orgCLASSROOM ACTIVITIES: the seasons
As winter turns to spring in the northern hemisphere, these activities focus on understanding why it gets warmer in summer and cooler in winter:
• DEMONSTRATION: thermochromic globe
• DEMONSTRATION: skydome• ACTIVITY: spreading sunlight
• ACTIVITY: seasons on exoplanets
• WORKSHEET: seasons on exoplanets.
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