Induction Course for Physics Teachers & Resource Workshops

This Induction Course is for teachers of LC Physics who are new to the profession or new to the syllabus. The Resource Workshops will use Inquiry Based Learning to stimulate student thinking to gain a clearer understanding of real world physics applications.

This course is for teachers of LC Physics who are new to the profession or new to the syllabus. Participants will explore aspects of the LC Physics Syllabus, the available resources and get hands-on experience with many of the experiments and demonstrations listed in the syllabus. It will also benefit experienced teachers who wish to partake in a refresher course with like minded colleagues and will be facilitated in three different venues nationally by experienced teachers.

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Workshop on Inquiry based Science Teaching in Ireland

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce Science teachers to the potential of inquiry-based education and to assist in the process of implementing inquiry based methods.  Participants who attend the Science workshop are invited to the afternoon events scheduled for the Diverse conference delegates –

The DCU team will build a community fo inquiry among second level Science teachers in Ireland and share leading practices in inquiry based teaching. 

Visionary Workshop Schedule:  Wednesday 29th June 2011

10-10.15am  Introduction to Pathway.  Dr. Margaret Farren and Martin Owen

10.15 – 11.15am  Introduction to Inquiry based learning.  Dr. Paul van Kampen and Dr. James Lovatt

11.15 – 11.45am Coffee

11.45 – 12.30pm  The use of ICT to support and advance learning and teaching in Science and Math.  Case Studies of good practice.  Professor Roy Pea, Standford Center of Innovations in Learning, Stanford University.

12.30-1pm  Demonstration of the Science Centre to Go suitcase which consists of five small exhibits  (miniatures)  that enable creative, inquiry-based resources for learning science using augmented reality (AR).  Martin Owen.  New Media researcher.

1-2.30pm  Lunch

2.30-4.30pm  Join Diverse Conference events

8.30pm  Concert and laser show.

Please email if you are interested in attending the workshop.

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