Shackelton’s Boat Journey in the Maritime Museum

Physics@Work cordially invites you to “An illustrated talk by John O’Reilly on Shackleton’s 800 mile journey in a 20 foot boat in May 1916 and a tour of the Maritime Museum” will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday 5th May. Book a FREE ticket on:

You will have the opportunity to hold a sextant and see how it may be used to navigate. Frank Worsely used a sextant to critical effect on the four occasions the sun faintly appeared on this 17 day journey from Elephant island. The difficulty of doing this in a small boat pitched by the Antartic waves is hard to imagine. Even one degree of error could have cost the lives of the six crew including Ernest Shackleton and Tom Crean. The Museum has many fascinating exhibits including the Baily Optic – a fully functioning lighthouse beam.

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National Maritime Museum of Ireland

The National Maritime Museum in Dun Laoghaire houses a large number of artefacts of interest and relevance to both primary and secondary level students. Many of the exhibits are interactive and the education team has prepared worksheets to assist both the teachers and pupils in making the visit more worthwhile.

If planning a tour, they are happy to suggest other linked attractions in the area. Many science teachers from schools outside Dublin have suggested that it would be a great destination to include when they are visiting the Young Scientist Exhibition at the RDS in January. They add that, since Dun Laoghaire is quieter and less expensive than Dublin 4, it might be a good location for breakfast or lunch on the day in question.

For more info on which there is a 3-D link 

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